As a Slim-Bassador, you know hor hard it can be to diet. You’ve felt those hunger pangs, you’ve had your hard days. Now, you can show people it doesn’t have to be this way.
Loaded with your little purple secret weapons you can help make your friend’s, family and customer’s dieting easier, more fun and boost their results!

Tools of the kit:

Acti-Vate     Silhouettes     Sports Bottle 750 mL     New Hydra-Slim 250 mL

New Super Green Skinny Juice     7 Vanilla Cream Shakes     7 Chocolate Shakes

1 Dairy Free Choc Mint Shake     1 Dairy Free Berry Shake     1 Cookie Dough Shake

Strip Tea     Diamond Lustre Fluroride Free

Purple Cros W/E Bag     $$$ Virtual Voucher

Available April 7th