As a Makeup-Junkie you have the power to transform a look with the swipe of a brush. Armed with mascara, lipstick & more; you have everything you need to make epic transformations.

With a makeup kit to rival any makeup artist’s beware…. you could soon have a band of Acti-Addicts queuing up at your door.

Tools of the kit:

Contour Shading Palette     Samples Dark Tones, Medium Tones and Light Tones

H’Eye Light (color choice)     Brow Wax (color choice)     Bi-Phase Makeup Remover

Skyscraper Mascara     Vendome Palette     Mega Matte Liquid (color choice)

High Pigment Lip Gloss (color choice)     Diamond Lustre Fluoride Free

Brushes: Kabuki, shadow blender, foundation, and angular brow liner     Blending Bud

Headband     Purple Croc Hand Bag     $$$ Virtual Voucher

Available April 7th